Frida Kahlo Tattoo Collection

Frida Kahlo Tattoo Collection

Getting inked is no small thing. You want to make sure that whatever design you choose to forever etch on your body is worth it. Well, we can’t think of a better icon to honor with a tattoo (or two) than Mexican feminist Frida Kahlo. See the Frida Kahlo Tattoo Collection to find out your next tattoo!

The internet obviously agrees, with thousands of images popping up under the #Interesting Frida Tattoos We Are Obsessed With hashtag. We combed through that long list of tattoos inspired by Frida and compiled a list that is sure to inspire your own. Scroll ahead to find our picks.

Frida Kahlo Tattoo Collection

It is said that portraits of people become one of the greatest influences in tattooing. Portraits of people you love and admire and famous personalities are perpetually popular but in recent years there has been a domination of a single woman in the tattoo world – Frida Kahlo. If you like Frida’s quotes, read our article here to find out more tattoo ideas.

The Mexican icon, Frida Kahlo, who has her birthday on July 6 was not just one, but many things: a great artist, a feminist, a lover, and a strong survivor of a personal tragedy. Through her career in painting and art, she showed the world that life and death can exist in more than one form. Many have tried to immortalize her teachings through her art in many ways.

This praise-worthy Mexican painter is renowned for her self-portraits and is considered as one of the most exquisite artists of the 20th century. Kahlo also maintains a rigid status symbol of feminism and female power, and symbolic attribute has seen Kahlo grow into a very iconic tattoo inspiration for many.

Frida Kahlo Tattoos We Are Obsessed With

There is no denial in the fact that Frida Kahlo is one of the most sought after and revolutionary female artists in the world. After decades of her death, her art is used to explore and answer questions on societal roles like gender issues, feminism, class, and self-identity. Her legacy has been brought into this decade, thanks to her dedicated followers, who have quite literally imprinted her work, whether it is her art, words, or her portrait, on their skins as tattoos. They say that one of the best forms of flattery is imitation. If so, Frida Kahlo would have felt immensely proud by people who get her inked on their skins.

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For some it is the Frida Kahlo merchandise, for others, it is telling her stories and inspiring others so that she lives on. But for the die-hard fans, and the rebels (especially in Mexican cultures) it is her legacy that has to be promoted. Even if it means wearing it quite literally on their sleeves; or skin. It is quite true nonetheless. The skin is the ultimate canvas, after all. Life is too short not to immortalize your favorite painter this way.

Interesting Frida Tattoos We Are Obsessed With

Classical art is classic not without any reason. The artists behind such work put all their lives’ worth of effort being their words and make sure that they are unforgettable. You might have come across many of them in museums and various art galleries but no one ever said that you can not get them right across your skin if you wanted to!

While most of the people go for bright and colorful Frida Kahlo tattoos, quite a number of them also lean towards blackwork, and it’s these blackwork patterns that seldom offer even more. Revealing a lot of emotion and mood that colors just can’t, the blackwork Frida Kahlo tattoos are certain to stimulate your interest and maybe even push you to get one of your own blackwork Kahlo tattoo!

You can also get a teeny tiny Frida Kahlo tattoo done intricately on your wrist or have a huge portrait of her done on your back. You may choose to get her self-portrait which is a work of art in themselves if you do not want to get her artwork inked on your skin or probably some of her favorite and empowering quotes would take your tattoos to the next level.

The gist is that there are hundreds of ways in which you can get Interesting Frida Kahlo Tattoo Collection done on your body.