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Interesting Frida Tattoo Designs

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then Frida Kahlo would probably feel very flattered by these tattoos. The Mexican icon, whose birthday is July 6, was many things: a feminist, an artist, a lover and a resilient survivor of tragedy. People also loved Frida Kahlo Tattoo Quotes. And her legacy lives on six decades after her death thanks, in part, to those who’ve quite literally imprinted her work, words and image on their skin.

Whether inspired by her most famous works of art or her empowering quotes, there are hundreds of Frida fans who’ve taken their devotion to the next level with some amazing ink work.

Frida Kahlo lived life to its fullest in the most passionate of ways. Her iconic existence, unique expression and extraordinary artwork left behind a legacy that will forever impact and influence the world regardless of age, gender, nationality and ethnicity and has become a permanent commitment desire and effort by the Frida Kahlo Corporation to educating, sharing and preserving Frida Kahlo’s legacy.

There no denying Frida Kahlo is one of the most revolutionary artists in the world. Even six decades after her death, the Mexican artist’s paintings continue to be used to explore questions on societal roles, like gender, class, and identity.

Since our skin is the ultimate canvas, why not forever immortalize our favorite painter? From a teeny-tiny finger tattoo to an intricate sleeve, we’ve rounded 22 of our favorite Frida Kahlo tattoos that are works of art themselves.

Frida Kahlo Tattoo Quotes

People still praise her for her many contributions to female empowerment. It may be weird having someone’s face tattooed permanently on your body. But when you learn how inspiring Frida is, it won’t feel strange anymore.

Tattoos of worldwide recognized icons like Frida Kahlo are more meaningful when they have a connection or a unique touch to you. You want your tattoos to tell a message or your story in one way or another. The main things you can showcase on your tattoo are her fabulous crown of fresh flowers, her unibrow, or the majestic chandelier earrings.

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She defied the societal standards of beauty by embracing herself. This tattoo can also be your way of accepting all the things that make you who you are. There is no need to complete Frida’s face if you don’t want to. You can simply highlight the features without putting a face on them. Many tattoo artists have done such work, and they look amazing.

It is very cool when you have a unique way of tattooing Frida. These tattoos are very rich in color because, as you may know, she liked a crown of fresh flowers. You can ink all your favorite flowers on her head to make the tattoo more lovable. It will make the tattoo look like a painting or illustration, which all the great tattoos do.

Her paintings, full of symbols and references to Mexican culture, with Dia de la Muerte and colorful religious borrowings, are an infinite source of inspiration for other artists. It is not surprising then that so many people want to ornate their body with Frida Kahlo tattoos to celebrate her bizarre beauty and freedom. And indeed, each tattoo is as creative as the painter herself, paying a poetic and vibrant tribute to her modern use of paint, colors and dreams. See our Frida Kahlo Tattoo Quotes list and if you do not want to get quotes, see our 5 Best Frida Kahlo Tattoos here.