Frida Kahlo Tattoos

Frida Kahlo Tattoos

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has legions of fans. Her life and works are celebrated globally. Her image is instantly recognizable to countless people all over the world, and although she was an important figure in the art world while alive, her celebrity was nothing like it is now and people want Frida Kahlo Tattoos. She is so venerated that many have paid her the ultimate tribute by adorning themselves forever with tattoos inspired by her.

These tats are tasteful and creative homages to the iconic Mexican artist. Heck, they’re making us want to get one. Click through this gallery of Frida Kahlo tattoos, sprinkled with facts about her life. 

About Frida Kahlo

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón was born on July 6, 1907, but she had a habit of telling people she was born in 1910. It’s not that she wanted to shave years off her age, she did it because 1910 was the year the Mexican Revolution started and she wanted to be associated with it.

She had it rough from the start.

A bout of polio at the age of six left Frida’s right leg thinner than her left.

In September of 1925, she was in a horrible accident.

When she was 18-years-old she was left with 11 fractures in her right leg after a bus she was riding was in an accident with a trolley.

Believe it or not, it could have been worse.

Although, the accident left Frida literally broken, she lived. Several other people who were in the accident died.

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She was covered in gold after the accident.

Alejandro Gómez Arias, her boyfriend at the time, was on the bus with Frida when the accident happened. He said, “Someone in the bus, probably a housepainter, had been carrying a packet of powdered gold. This package broke, and the gold fell all over the bleeding body of Frida.”

Frida began to paint in bed.

During the time she spent in bed recuperating from the accident, her father gave her paints and brushes and her mother had an easel crafted that she could use without getting out of bed.

Self-portraits were facilitated by a mirror.

A mirror was placed in the canopy of her bed, which Frida used to paint self-portraits.

She was the subject she knew best.

Depending on who’s counting, Frida painted between 143 to 200 paintings, 55 of them were self-portraits. “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best,” Frida said.

She had over 30 operations.

She only lived 47 years and had to endure over 30 operations.

Diego Rivera was the love of her life.

Much has been written about the tumultuous relationship that Frida shared with fellow artist Diego Rivera. There were married twice, once in 1929 and then again in 1940 after having been briefly divorced in 1939.

Diego was a huge fan of her work.

He once wrote the following tribute of Frida to a friend: “I recommend her to you, not as a husband but as an enthusiastic admirer of her work, acid and tender, hard as steel and delicate and fine as a butterfly’s wing, loveable as a beautiful smile, and profound and cruel as the bitterness of life.”

Her love life was cray cray.

While married, Diego and Frida both had extramarital affairs. Diego had various affairs, but perhaps the worst was the affair he had with Frida’s younger sister. If you would like to see creative Frida Kahlo Tattoos, click here.

Frida Kahlo Tattoos

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